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Welcome To Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India

Seamlessly Repairing Your Joints with Precision and Perfection

Why Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital in India is the most trusted group?

Do I Need Joint Surgery The Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India group is one of the most trusted groups of top joint surgeons at best hospital India. The group proudly contributes in the success rate of the orthopedic surgeries worldwide and that too at the most affordable price.

Our Orthopedic surgeons have their training in some of the world class institutes in India and abroad. So, they have seen all possible conditions of the musculo-skeletal system. Due to the surgeon’s focus on constant innovation, we have made joint replacement surgeries surprisingly affordable.

Now, before we talk about the foundation and the objective for the formation of this group, we will let u know what joint surgery is.

What is Joint Replacement Surgery?

Joint Replacement Surgery in India Joint replacement surgery is an orthopedic surgery for the replacement of any dysfunctional, damaged or inactive joints with artificial joints made of plastic, metal or ceramic to replicate the movement of a healthy joint. The artificial or man-made joint is known as prosthesis.

The most common types include arthroscopy, joint resurfacing, osteotomy, fusion, total joint Arthroplasty, and joint revision. All type of joint replacements has unique set of pros and cons but an almost similar technique for replacing the specific joint.

What are the statistics of joint replacement surgeries worldwide?

Statistics of Joint Replacement Surgeries Worldwide

  • Most of the people who undergo a joint replacement surgery are between the age group of 50 to 80 years, and 60% of them are women.
  • About 85 percent of the artificial joint replacements work for more than 20 years on an average.
  • Serious complications like blood clots and joint infections occur in less than 2 percent of the patients after the surgery.

What are the distinctive features of our group regarding joint replacement surgery?

  • The entire team of surgeons, doctors, front desk receptionists, nurses, physicians, accounts personnel and the helping staff are recruited by handpicking best of the lot
  • Each member of the group is well knowledgeable and practiced in their respective field
  • We have collaborated with the best surgeons in the country
  • The standards of medical care are in par with the international guidelines
  • Latest medical equipments and technologies used for diagnosis and treatment
  • Really hygienic and clean infrastructure
  • The associated Best Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital in India has the best of facilities and top orthopedic surgeons available in different cities of India
  • Providing personalized and suitable care facilities to each patient
  • Providing comfortable environment, clinical expertise and medical excellence
  • Having a huge number of happy and satisfied customers who increase our credibility
  • Offering joint replacement surgical treatment and care available at affordable hospital for Joint replacement surgery in India

Benefits of Joint Replacement

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