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Why Our Hospital

Why Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India?

Presenting Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India as a network of surgeons, experts and medical care facilities in the field of Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgeries. Our experts have the breadth of knowledge that they have seen and treated every possible disorder and injury of bones and muscles; and the depth of knowledge to define the most appropriate course of action for those conditions affecting bones and muscles. Our hospitals have world class infrastructure to complement the know-how of the surgeons. Finally, our friendly staff will handle you in the most professional manner. Their friendly nature will be the long lasting infection you will have when you leave our hospital.

If you need to get a joint replacement surgery done, you can contact us. Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India will take care of you.  With friendly staff, your experience through your joint replacement surgery will be stress free. Our services to Patient and family are comprehensive and therefore hard to list. We make an attempt to share a sample of those services below:

Friendly Patient Care

  • Friendly hospital staff; friendly nature will be the long lasting infection you will have when you leave our hospital.
  • Best surgeons who constantly innovate to make joint replacement surgeries affordable.
  • Surgeons who keep abreast of the latest research in the field
  • Medical facilities with world class infrastructure to complement the know-how of the surgeons
  • Conferencing with doctors available when patient is abroad via telephone and\or skype
  • Friendly care starts when you first contact us.
  • Friendly hospital staff will facilitate your language translation needs

Coordination of travel

  • We help you with your medical visa
  • We will organize you travel from home to the hospital
  • Arranging stay as per patient’s preference both in the hospital and at hotel
  • We will help you travel to destinations of your choice in India if your Doctor approves such travel

Services to Patient’s Family

  • We will inform the family members identified by you of how you are doing during the various stages of the treatment
  • Consulting with another doctor of family’s choice for second opinion as requested by the family
  • Various payment options such as cash\credit card\wire transfer


  • Meals in India will be provided to you and your family keeping in mind all your personal dietary requirements and the ones prescribed by the doctor
  • Companion accommodation during the medical treatment of the patient in the hospital available
  • Handling of your currency exchange, patient registration, etc. requirements
  • Post-operation recuperative care

If there is anything else that you would require, please ask us and we will be glad to take care of it. Contact Us

Medical Value Travel

Joint replacement surgeries are reasons for patients to travel abroad. India, with its expertise in Orthopedics and Joint replacement surgeries is emerging as the destination for international patients.  Some other reasons are as follows:

  • Joint replacement surgeries may not be available where they live or the cost may be unreasonably high
  • Indian hospitals have the right credentials to offer the appropriate medical care, so patients want to come to India for their joint replacement surgeries
  • Availability of staff who know how to connect with the patients and cater to all their requirements

We offer the complete range of joint replacement surgeries.  Educated at the best universities nationally and internationally, surgeons in India have seen every possible ailment that could afflict the musculo-skeletal system. The infrastructure in the hospitals complements the expertise and resides in our surgeons. Thus, India is well positioned to offer joint replacement surgeries of the highest quality. The quality of the care and how we interact with the patients would be the differentiating factors and we seek to compete on those. The affordability of the joint replacement surgeries would be an added bonus.

The latest information technology tools have made the world flat. Seeking health care abroad is, therefore, an additional option available to patients. A large number of patients are taking advantage of joint replacement surgeries available in India.  Medical value travel industry has been working with the governmental bodies to make travelling to India for surgical procedures as easy as possible for the international patients. However, there are many issues that the patient has to keep track of during their medical value travel to India for joint replacement surgeries. The friendly staff at Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India will take care of these details. We also understand that the patient may have a lot on their mind before, during and after surgeries. This is why it is critical to be assured of the expertise of the surgeon who will handle your surgery. With Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India, patients are in the best hands.

Innovation by our surgeons, medical staff and administrators will allow India to offer consistently higher value in the medical value travel to our patients. Contact Us