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About Us

About Us

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India is a network of surgeons, experts and medical care facilities in the field of Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgeries. Our experts have the breadth of knowledge that they have seen and treated every possible disorder and injury of bones and muscles; and the depth of knowledge to define the most appropriate course of action for those conditions affecting bones and muscles. Our hospitals have world class infrastructure to complement the know-how of the surgeons. Finally, our friendly staff will handle you in the most professional manner. Their friendly nature will be the long lasting infection you will have when you leave our hospital.

We want our patients to take full advantage of the services we offer.

  • Award winning hospitals that boast the world class infrastructure
  • Our surgeons have the breadth and depth for the know-how regarding joint replacement surgeries
  • Surgeons and hospital staff will constantly innovate to make surgical treatments affordable
  • Friendly staff will infect you with their friendliness

Read our Patient Stories to understand what they are saying about our surgeons, facilities and friendly staff.

Contact Us with any questions you may have. For any question relating to joint replacement, we have answer.


As a network of surgeons, experts and medical care facilities, we stand for:

  • Providing any joint replacement surgery that our patient may need
  • Affordable joint replacement surgeries
  • World class medical facilities offering highest quality of care
  • Friendliness of our hospital staff


  • Our surgeons and experts will keep abreast of the latest research in the field of joint replacement surgeries.
  • Collaboration between surgeons, experts and hospital staff to identify opportunities to innovate and make the joint replacement surgeries affordable.
  • Our staff will be friendly with the patient in all their dealings. In fact, friendliness will be the only lasting infection that the patient will carry long after they have left home after their care.

Quality Policy

Our surgeons, experts and medical staff will monitor the surgical procedures we afford using the latest tools and techniques and strive to continuously improve all our processes to meet and exceed international standards.