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Football player benefits from the experts at the joint surgery for his acl injury

African Football player benefits from the experts at the Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India for his ACL injury.


Obiora Max

ACL Injury

The experts at the Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India are leaders in the treatments of the joints. So, over the years they have seen and treated the knees of several hundred athletes who unfortunately sustained ACL injuries. Obiora Max is one such professional football player from the African continent to benefit from the expertise of the orthopedic surgeons at the . He shares his experience below.


“Hello, this is Obiora Max and I am a professional foot ball player. Unfortunately, my career all but ended when I was practicing with my team at the winter camp last year.


I was running a pass; planted my feet and cut the other direction, I heard a pop sound and I fell to the ground, it was in fraction of seconds and I was on ground with pain in my knee. The game practically stopped, I stood up and tried to run; but my left knee had become very unstable. The trainer was concerned so, he advised me to sit down and grab a bag of ice to hold near my left knee. There was redness and swelling around the knee. In the moment painkiller sprays and some local meds were administered but it seemed to be of no use. I started to get really mad because I was missing the practice session. But that was not the end of it, worse was yet to come.


The pain and swelling did not go away. I had to seek medical consult with the specialist in the city. He did some x-rays and based on that his diagnosis I had torn not only my meniscus but also the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Both these components, the doctor explained, are essentially acting to stabilize the knee and prevent the excessive stress on the leg’s articular cartilage. So, they need to be fixed. Expert surgeons are, are necessary for the success of this treatment. He asked me to look out for the treatment in South Africa and the UK. He also mentioned the name of Dr Kumar in India.


I started looking for the doctors in South Africa and the UK. Only to satisfy my curiosity, I sent a whatsapp message to Dr Kumar and to my surprise he was the first one to revert back and asked what time he can call me.


That same day, we discussed my problems and frustration with having injured my knee joint. He told me that I should inform my doctor to send a copy of medical reports to Dr Kumar’s office as soon as possible. Dr Kumar is the chief patient physician at the Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India. He mentioned that he had worked with several athletes who had torn their ACL in the past. He asked me if I would like to talk to some other sportsmen who had visited his hospital for their ACL surgeries. By the next day, my doctor had sent the medical reports to Dr Kumar also; Dr Kumar had sent me reference for past patients I could contact.


In the meantime, Dr Kumar had found a right surgeon – Dr Hangodu – to take care of my ACL surgery. We had a conference call with Dr Hangodu. He assured that the right surgery was the ACL reconstructive surgery, following the surgery, there would be extensive PT to make sure the strength comes back. Afterwards, I can gradually return to running first and later to the football field.
Torn ACL was a menace; but my career would not end and I would be able to go back to playing football in due course of time.
I did not look anymore at South Africa or the UK. I decided to visit India. After the diagnostic testing had been completed, Dr Hangodu proceeded with the surgery. Then the PT was started. After going through the PT for sometime in India, the doctors felt comfortable to allow me to go back home. I had instructions to continue with PT. Several months later, I started running normally.
Finally, the day came back when I could play football again and I do not have to worry about the injured knee anymore. With the experts at the Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India, I was in great hands for my surgery. With the extensive PT afterwards, I worked hard to ensure that I am able to return to the game I love.
Thank you for the excellent care provided to me by Dr Hangodu, Dr Kumar. I also appreciate the motivation provided by my coach and team members to keep going. My return to the team was made possible by all of you. Thank you.”


Thank you,

Obiora Max