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Joint Replacement surgery hospital india helps african patients find affordable leg joint treatment

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India helps African patients find affordable leg joint treatment.


Mr Memeh, Africa
Leg Treatment 

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India comprise of a network of hospitals and surgeons who specialize in the treatment of joint surgeries such as surgeries of knee joint to alleviate arthritis. Mr. Memeh utilized the expertise of the Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India to relieve the arthritis of knee of his wife.


“Hello, my name is Chris Memeh. My wife, Susan, and I traveled to India to complete the arthritis surgery for her knee joint. Now, her pain is relieved and she is back to leading her normal life.
For many years now, Susan was suffering from pain in her knees.
Besides doing chores around the house, she is active in the community and this requires walking a lot. But then the pain in her knees made it all a challenge. Imagine telling someone who likes to speak a lot to remain tongue-tied.


Over time, the pain went from bad to worse. Her knees would become swollen and it would hurt to climb the stairs and gradually to walk. What were we suppose to do? We tried all sorts of possible treatments to cure her knee pain; she would try ointments and temporary pain relievers. Using braces helped only little, but it was not a long term solution.
Our doctor told us that the only long term solution is to look at surgical options and such surgeries are readily available in India at very affordable prices. He met with Dr Kumar from India during one conference and he recommended that I should connect with the Indian doctor because of his area of expertise.


Dr Kumar reverted back to my mails and asked to send me Susan’s medical reports. Dr Kumar’s signature on whatsapp read that he was the Chief Patient Physician at the Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India. I emailed Susan’s medical reports and within a few days, Dr Kumar reverted back with the right course of treatment for Susan. He had the reports reviewed by orthopedic surgeons in India. We knew the surgery was the best possible treatment anyway. We never got back to Dr Kumar for a few more weeks.
A few days later, Jen – assistant to Dr Kumar called Susan and asked her how the pain was and they talked about the treatment options offered by Dr Kumar. Susan was mostly worried about the cost and the logistics of the travel to India. How was it going to work out?
Jen sent us video testimonials for African patients. She also explained that there were a lot of value-added services offered by the all the way from help with medical visa, to picking up arriving patients from the international airport. We started seriously thinking about the idea of visiting India for Susan’s surgery. The final nudge was provided by skype call organized by Jen with Dr Veena & Dr Kumar. Dr Veena was the well known orthopedic surgeon who explained the steps of the treatment in a sorted way. Impressed with her knowledge and attitude to care for patients, we decided to make the trip.
In the next two weeks, we worked very fast to make the preparation for the trip. The physical exam by the doctor was set for the day after we arrived. At the time of the appointment, we met with Dr Kumar and Dr Veena. The meeting was then followed by a few more diagnostic tests. The next day, we got a phone call from Jen to come for the appointment with Dr Veena that afternoon. In that meeting, Dr Veena told us about the surgery and had us watch a video for understanding the surgery and its benefits and risks associated with the surgery. We were encouraged by the professional approach of the staff at the If Susan was ready to undergo the surgery, she would be admitted to the hospital that evening and pre-op work will be started. The surgery was set for two days afterwards.
The joint surgery for Susan’s knee joint pain went well. Afterwards, she had to use braces for a little bit and was to follow the recommended course of physiotherapy; we were pleased with the outcome of the surgery, however. Susan saw 90% improvement in her mobility and pain was almost gone. I am glad that she can do all the activities she likes to do around the house as well as outside in the community.
We would like to thank Dr Kumar and his team. Jen was highly resourceful during our stay in India. Our dietary requests were followed precisely. The time was managed well before and after the surgery so that we could reduce our costs of staying in India.”

Thank you,

Mr & Mrs Memeh