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Nigerian girl gets her joint surgery india and is able to regain mobility

Mrs Isisai’s Daughter Has Done Succssfully Surgery at Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India for his ACL injury.

Ms Isisai daughter joint replacement surgery hospital india
Mrs Isisai

Joint Replacement Surgery 

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India is a network of orthopedic surgeons and hospitals all over India. Over the years, the surgeons here have treated patients from all over the world afflicted with many joint disorders. So, the hospital possesses the institutional knowledge to take care of any problem that relates to the joints and the overall mobility of the body.

Rose – Mrs. Isisai’s daughter – had no mobility in both her arms due to an accident. But Dr. Rajan was able to take care of the right arm first and a few months later also the left arm. Rose regained the entire range of mobility of her arms as a result. Mrs. Isisai told us this story:

“Hello, my name is Isisai and my daughter – Rose. She lost the ability to move both her arms and her arms used to remain fixed. We needed to get surgery as soon as possible. But the options in Nigeria were limited. So, we started to look overseas for the treatments.

We were referred to Dr. Kumar at the I sent him email. Then he assigned his team member – Mari – to her case. Mari was very resourceful. After she received the medical reports of Rose, Mari got back within a few days to let us know the surgical options. There was this wonderful children specialist – Dr. Rajan. She was going to perform the surgery and assured that the chances of recovery were excellent. With regular PT afterwards, Rose would be able to regain the whole range of mobility of her arms.

I decided to travel to India with Rose and my husband. The appointment with Dr. Rajan & Dr. Kumar was for the day after we reached India. Dr. Kumar explained the process. He told us that Dr. Rajan would conduct some tests and later tell the diagnosis. Dr. Rajan was to outline the treatment. If we agreed, we would proceed to admit Rose in the hospital and surgery would be scheduled afterwards.

Then we met Dr. Rajan. She was a pleasure to talk to. Based on the tests she ran, Dr. Rajan confirmed her assessment about the need for the surgery. First, she recommended surgery and PT on the right arm. A few months afterwards, she can do the surgery on the left arm. So, we decided to proceed with the surgery.

Dr Rajan was a very good surgeon. She successfully completed the surgery on Rose’s right arm. When we saw Rose after the surgery, she was still sleeping because of anesthesia. As Dr Rajan had explained prior to the surgery, Rose’s arm was in braces for a few days after the surgery.

Then the braces were removed. The physiotherapist began to instruct Rose in motions of the arm of gradually increasing strain. She needed to take pain-killers to overcome the pain; but otherwise, showed steady progress. When the therapist felt comfortable, we asked Dr Kumar for discharge from the hospital.

Now back in Nigeria, we are planning the dates for the surgery on Rose’s left arm. Her right arm is doing perfectly fine. The local doctor is happy with her progress and expects full range of motions to be achieved in the next few weeks.

We are so glad to be able to visit the Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India for Rose’s surgery. I appreciate that Mari and Dr Kumar were able to find for us this wonderful lady – Dr Rajan. We thank the hospitality received from the hospital and the medical staff for taking such a great care of Rose. God bless.”

Thank you,

Mrs Isisai