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New Zealand Patient Denise Both Knee Replacement Surgery Experience India

New Zealand Patient Denise Both Knee Replacement Surgery Experience India


Mrs. Denise Edna Reid
knee Replacement Surgery

Mrs. Denise Edna Reid from New Zealand came to India for Knee Replacement Surgery in India. Mrs. Reid is 70 years Old and had been suffering from severe knee pain. Mrs. Denise was told to weight for six months in order to get an appointment to the specialist in her vicinity hospitals. As our other patients from different countries, she got the cost estimates and other details from the website and was willing to give it go as the Knee Surgery Replacement Cost was comparatively very low including the other hospitals in her area she asked. Total Knee Replacement can help patients regain the ability to walk and virtually extinguish the pain they felt before the surgery. Mrs. Denise Edna Reid shares her experience about medical trip to India.


I’m Mrs. Denise Edna Reid from New Zealand I came to India for my Knee Replacement Surgery. I was going through a very rough time because of the severe pain in my knees. I saw it coming as the pain started a few months earlier and even after the different course of medicines it won’t go away. I have finally decided to consider surgery an option and hence started searching for the best hospitals for knee replacement in my vicinity. The cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in New Zealand was high even just for one knee. When I asked for the other knee replacement surgery; doctors in New Zealand said that absolutely nothing can be done until the first one is fixed. I was suspicious after my appointment with the doctors in New Zealand so, I decided to have it done privately. As I was travelling to other cities, I thought maybe I can get my Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangkok but then again the surgery cost was too high nearly as same as that of New Zealand.
I started searching for some easily available low-cost knee replacement surgery options and this search lead me to tour2india4health consultants. This is how my exploration for consultants ended. They were very humble and compassionate throughout the process. I still remember the whole discussion with them about how could I get a visa, where should I go? The thing which nearly seemed impossible to me but it happened so fast and the next thing I know I was here, in India ready for my surgery. The hospital staff and surgeons were very helpful and were very compassionate. I have realized that India has developed so much in healthcare facilities and I’m glad that I found Tour2india4health. I could recommend anyone for their services; they help you with everything including your hotel accommodation for medical visa assistance, doctor’s appointment and even airport pickups and drop. I want to thank tour2india4health and wish that they keep doing such a good work.


Thank you,

Denise Reed

New Zealand