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Delivering a Better Life with Successful Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Delivering a Better Life with Successful Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Mr. Joseph Bawakat, Nigeria
Hip Replacement Surgery in India


Improvements in technology and accelerating rate of medical innovation have paved way for big improvements in almost all verticals of the medical field including hip replacement. The innovation and advancements have resulted in high success rate with more durable and stable artificial joints. The major advances are the structure of prosthesis that secures tightly to the skeleton and the durability of the plastic used in the sockets of the joints prepared artificially. Moreover, the number of surgeons and specialists dealing into this type of surgery has also increased with India leading the industry with the best doctors and the best medical facilities at the most affordable price.

Joseph Bawakat, traveled all the way from Nigeria to India for hip replacement surgery. He was experiencing severe pain in his hip and gradually the pain was impending into his lifestyle so much that he was not even able to perform the basic routine activities. His brother Emmanuel was also worried and in distress to his brother in so much pain and discomfort.

Emmanuel consulted many surgeons and doctors for the resolving the problem his brother was facing and everyone recommended him for surgery. Now the question was where to get the surgery done and by which surgeon. That was certainly a challenge in itself but the search has to take place. Joseph and Emmanuel both started to browse the web and connect with people for the best doctor recommendation. After days of research, they came across a medical tourism company in India, Joint replacement Surgery Hospital India.

Thereafter there were many questions wavering in the minds of Joseph and Emmanuel. Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India gave all their questions rest with their warmth, generosity, and quick process of recovery. Let us see how did the hip replacement surgery of Joseph came to a successful recuperation while helping him lead towards a better life.

How did the two brothers connected with Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Group?

The first initiative was to get in touch with them through an email. There was an immediate response from the consultant of Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India. The consultant advised the two brothers to share all the medical reports of the patient that were then shared by the best team of orthopedic doctors in India. A personal consultant was allotted to them and he collected the feedback and medical responses from all the surgeons. He reverted with the doctor’s recommendation of hip replacement.

Why Joseph and Emmanuel did made a decision to travel to India for the surgery?

At this stage after multiple recommendations from the doctors in India and locally as well, Joseph did not wait anymore and wanted a fast recovery. While he and his brother were in touch with the consultants in the initial stage, they could sense positive vibes in a way the connection was initiated and the way they received the response from the consultants in India. The personal consultant who was assigned to them displayed assurance and compassion in all his mode of communication, whether written words or oral communication. Further when they were discussing the process, the time of recovery, and other essentials of hip replacement in India, they came to the conclusion that the cost of hip replacement in India was much cheaper when compared to other western countries. Hence, the decision was taken and native of Nigeria made up his mind to travel all the way to India for his surgery along with his brother Emmanuel.

How Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India did assisted the two brothers for their medical visit to India?

While Joseph and Emmanuel were preparing for their visit to India, the team Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India was making all the arrangements for their travel to India. They helped Joseph with all the ticket booking, assisted to get the medical visa, and made all the arrangements for transfers and accommodation in India.

How was the face-to-face interaction between the two brothers and Team Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India?

The day when Joseph and Emmanuel reached India, it was a feeling of being relieved from the pain and discomfort of hip problems. At the airport, personnel from Team Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India greeted them with a warm smile and drove them to the hotel that was booked for their stay in India. After some rest, the two brothers were taken to the hospital for consultation with the surgeon who was going to operate Joseph. Reaching the hospital, they were assisted to the doctor’s cabin and as they stepped inside, it was complete peace of mind to see the doctor, a smart, confident, and approachable personality. The doctor explained them the entire process of hip replacement surgery and about postoperative care.

What measures were taken for hip replacements surgery?

The surgeon advised Joseph some physical examinations before the surgery to ensure that he physically fit for the surgery. After all the pre-surgery examination and evaluation of reports, a date for surgery was assigned to Joseph. He was a bit nervous but was constantly receiving hopes and assurance from the team. The nurses, the receptionist, caretakers, and other professionals of the team were all very supportive. Then the final day of surgery approached and the surgery was performed with perfection by the best orthopedic surgeon of India.

What postoperative measures were put to consideration?

After the surgery, Joseph had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days until he was finally recovered from all the pain of problematic hip and the pain of surgery. During the stay, all nurses, ward boys, and other hospital staff took good care of him. The nurses had lot of patience to deal with various situations of different patients simultaneously. Joseph was then discharged with proper instructions for postoperative care.

Joseph stepped out of the hospital with a feeling of relief with an aspiration to have a better life ahead.

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