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Roslyn from new zealand travelled to India to accompany her friend for the surgery of both her knees

Roslyn Johnston’s Friend Has Done Successfully at Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India for His Knee Surgery.

Mrs. Roslyn Johnston

Orthopedic Surgery 

For residents of New Zealand, travelling to India for their surgeries is a viable and sometimes the only option due to multiple reasons. First, the waiting times for receiving surgical treatments (even getting appointments with the specialists) are quite long in their country. Second, even though surgeries can be conducted with private surgeons, the costs are exorbitant. Thirdly, New Zealand, being a small country, has orthopedic surgeons who do not have the wide experience treating joint problems. On the other hand, surgeons in India have seen almost all the ailments of the joints and have developed treatment options for those ailments. Hence, the costs in India are substantially lower compared to the western world and even the competing medical value travel destinations such as Thailand.

Denise Reed from Auckland, New Zealand was able to use the expertise of a well known orthopedic surgeon in India. She needed knee replacement surgery. Roslyn Johnston, who accompanied her, told this story:


“My name is Roslyn Johnston. I live in New Zealand and accompanied my friend, Denise Reed, on her recent trip to India for her knee surgeries. Denise needed the knee surgery but in New Zealand, the public hospitals have a long waiting time…even to see the specialist. The actual surgery could take even longer to be scheduled. I had been pestering her to get the surgery scheduled and taken care of as soon as possible. I would always ask her if she was going to put off the surgery until both her knees need the surgeries and she could not walk. She is so busy doing her missionary work; so she needed to get back on her feet rapidly after the surgery.


She did look at the private providers in New Zealand; but the costs were excessive. Soon afterwards, as we were touring through Asia, she also checked in Thailand. Surprisingly, the surgeries are no more affordable in Thailand than in New Zealand. So, we began to look at India.


The team of the fantastic literally came to our rescue. Denise contacted them and sent her medical reports. They found the right orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon was even better than the surgeons in New Zealand and also any such surgeons in the western world. The also helped with the logistics of the trip. I accompanied with Denise for her medical treatment.


When we landed in India, we were taken to the room in the hospital. Thank god for the working air conditioner in the room; heat in India is quite different from that in New Zealand and we could not have lived without one. Anyway, the rest of the accommodation was impressive. The room was quite spacious; it afforded us the degree of privacy we needed. There was a kitchenette and bathroom was attached.


As Denise was undergoing surgery and recuperation, I remained with her in the hospital. In the evenings, I did do some travelling. I visited nearby museum and some historical buildings; the architecture was from the colonial era when the British were still ruling the country.


The surgeon had the needed experience and knew what he was doing. So Denise decided to undergo surgery for both her knees; even though the initial arrangement was for her to do only the surgery on her one knee. Denise was so satisfied with the surgeon that she recommended the surgeon to one of her American friends also.


As for the food, one does not need to worry. There are a million options for the food. One only needs to ask. The available meal can satisfy any western palate. No need to eat curry every day. In fact, there are many different types of curries; so, you could eat a different curry every day if you so choose.


The was genuinely helpful. In the scheduling of her trip, Denise had a lot of questions. And the answered the questions patiently. But when we arrived in India, it was like she had a million more questions. Anyway, a tip for anybody travelling to India for their medical treatment: please seek out as much information as you need to. But also be open minded to the new experience. Indian people are very helpful; so you need not worry much.”



Thank you,

Roslyn Johnston

New Zealand