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Nigerian patient recover from her loss of mobility from accident

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India helps Nigerian patient recover from her loss of mobility from accident


ms ngozi tagbo leg treatment joint replacement surgery hospital india
Mrs. Ngozi Tagbo

Orthopedic Surgery 

India has many advanced centers for orthopedic and joint replacement surgeries. Such centers not only foster innovation leading to newer and better treatments but also an accumulation of expertise which increases the probabilities of success of surgical treatments. Unfortunately, Nigeria is lacking in availability of such centers. Hence, patients from Nigeria have to seek out centers in India such as the world-renowned Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India for their joint surgeries. Ms. Tagbo had an accident and was faced with loss of mobility in her legs below the knees. She recounted how the has helped her:

“Hello, my name is Ngozi Tagbo. I live in Nigeria. Due to an accident, my legs were severely affected. The mobility in my legs below the knees was impacted. I was very concerned. How was I ever going to take care of my family!

After treatment in Nigeria failed to produce the desirable results, I began to despair. I still did not regain full mobility. My family doctor told me that I need to talk to Dr Kumar – Chief Patient-Physician at the Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India. So, I sent him a message on the phone explaining my condition and the treatments I had already undergone. Dr Kumar had the medical reports reviewed with the expert orthopedic surgeon – Dr Bose. He had a lot of experience in treating patients from Africa who had faced the loss of mobility in their legs due to accident.

Dr Bose reviewed my reports and claimed that there was about a 70% chance of full recovery in my case as a result of the surgery under his supervision. He would need additional images before he could conclude with greater certainty. I was out of options. So, I decided to travel to India.

Once I arrived in India, Dr Bose ordered additional tests. Based on the results of those tests, he could clearly observe where the damage was and how to fix that. Then he explained to me the plan of the treatment. He had a case study for a similar patient who had undergone similar treatment plan and had recovered 100% mobility in his legs – that is the patient had regained complete mobility that he had prior to the accident. So far so good. So, I decided to undergo the treatment.

I got admitted into the hospital that day. Dr Bose scheduled the surgery for the next evening. The surgery was very successful. Doctor was sanguine about the results. Thank God I recovered fully! I needed some physiotherapy; but I did not have any further problems in mobility. It was not unlike I had been before the accident.

Thank you to the team at the Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India. Dr. Bose knows exactly what he is doing when dealing with accident victims. Dr. Kumar is very helpful.”


Thank you,

Ngozi Tagbo