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Success Story of a Nigerian Little girl’s Elbow Surgery in India

Success Story of a Nigerian Little girl’s Elbow Surgery in India

Mrs. Ayejuyo Florence Opeyemi – Elbow Treatment for her daughter
Patient Name : Ayejuyo Moyinoluwa Damilola


Ayejuyo Moyinoluwa Damilola, a sweet girl in Nigeria had an issue with her elbow. One fine day she strained her elbow muscle and had put too much stress on the tendons. Although the damage was in her elbow the pain released into the upper and lower arm too. Her mother Mrs. Ayejuyo Florence Opeyemi also got worried when she came to know about the same.

Her mother surfed the internet for her daughter and grabbed every possible information regarding the issues with an elbow. She read everything, the grounds, symptoms, and the exercises to cure as well. However, the standard medications and exercises could not help her out with the pain. The mother again rifled on the internet for some more help and a pop-up flash on her screen related to the treatment of elbow presented by Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital Group. She read all about the doctor and his successful treatments. She texted on the number flashing for some assistance at Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital Group.

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital Group provided them with great benefit. They gave them the support to easily land in India for consultation and surgery. At the airport, they got a ride that took them to the hospital and then to their reserved hotel. The appointment with the doctor was priory arranged. They went to the doctor and discussed the matter. Moyinoluwa Damilola elucidated all about her sufferings. The doctor pinned his ears back and then flexed her arm, wrist, and elbow to check where it hurt. He then advised few physical examinations like X-ray and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to diagnose the whole issue.

Moyinoluwa Damilola was a bit emotionally weak but her mother supported her well and as a sports person she could not lose the zeal to recover soon. The doctor examined the reports to the core. He then reformed certain medications. A few days procedure had to begin. The process contained certain physical therapies, massages, acupuncture and stretching. The nurses there helped her with some exercises that came under physical therapy. This helped her restore muscle strength. The staff was extremely cooperative with them. The message resulted in the flexibility of her arm and them movement went smooth. Besides these processes, the medication went on. She recovered pretty soon under the guidance of the doctors.

When the process ended, the doctor instructed for the self-care at home which included rest, usage of the ice pack, and aerobic activities for 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week. Moyinoluwa Damilola was taken good care at healthcare. The doctor and the other staff gave tremendous support for her better future sports series. Both the mother and the daughter were indeed very grateful to the doctor and the staff as well.

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