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Orthopedics is a branch of medicine, also known as modern surgical mannerism for treating the disorders and injuries of bones and muscles. It's a study of the musculoskeletal system which means, the capability of a human and an animal to move using muscles and bones (skeletal system). A lot of people who suffer from injuries and diseases related to bones take treatment from an orthopedic surgeon. Spine problems, infections, tumors, sports injuries, knee replacement, arthritis and other bone related disorders are treated by an Orthopedic Surgeon. They have to take utmost care while treating the patients because for every bone related treatment, a surgery is not advised. At times they adopt non surgical methods depending on the condition and symptoms of disease.

Treatment in India:

There are precise treatments available for bones and joint disorders which covers sports medicine, osteoporosis, the Birmingham hip resurfacing technique in India which leads the normal conventional replacement of the hip and this is still not available in the United States. Many foreigners come to India for Orthopedics surgery because the cost is much more reasonable. Moreover the facilities for treatment are no less. Good hospitals use advanced tools for surgery like spine injuries, cartilage transplantation, bone transplantation, limb sparing surgeries and all types of musculoskeletal problems like sports injuries, Arthritis, scoliosis which is a childhood condition, tumors and broken bones which are handled in an appropriate way in India. The fixing and stabilization of the spine or fusion of the spine and other complex bone issues is treated in a comprehensive manner in India. The use of latest technology in India meets the international standards and therefore a lot of foreigners visit India for Orthopedic surgery. Moreover it is cost effective.

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Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement therapy is becoming very common these days with hips and knee joint occurring frequently.

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Hip Replacement

Hip Replament Surgery Hospital India

For the hip replacement artificial materials are used to replace of the hip and cartilage whick is affected.

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Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Knee can be affected adversely by arthritis or injury. Simple activities like walking or moving becomes difficult.

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