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Laminoplasty in India: Things to Consider While Going For The Surgery

Laminoplasty in India: Things to Consider While Going For The Surgery


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What is Laminoplasty?

Laminoplasty is a surgical procedure that is carried  out in the cervical region to decompress the spinal cord. In a way it is considered as narrowing down the spinal cord. Laminoplasty in India aims at decompressing the spinal cord along with the spinal curves. This can be done by hinging open the vertebrae at the same time.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Laminoplasty Procedure?

Laminoplasty in India reviews of patients indicate that several spinal conditions can be treated with this surgery. But the most common ones are the patients who have cervical stenosis. This tends to occur when the spinal cord tends to become narrow. It can also arise due to bone spurs that may arise in the spinal curve.

When the spinal cord becomes narrow, it puts a lot of pressure on the nerves causing a great deal of pain. Some of the common symptoms to look out are

  • Shoulder pain or pain in the arms of the legs
  • Problems in the bladder or bowel functions
  • Numbness or weakness in the neck
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Laminoplasty Procedure & Recovery & Effectiveness

This surgery will be performed at a surgical centre. The surgeon will widen the spinal cord by creating a hinge like movement in the lamina. This tends to reduce the pressure on the spinal canal. The procedure which the doctor will recommend will depend on a number of factors, including the overall health and the location of the problem. The surgery is performed in the front or the back of the neck depending upon the location of the problem. Each process has its own pros and cons and therefore Free Consultation Laminoplasty in India will help you form an accurate idea on how to proceed. It is not necessary that surgery is the only option as non surgical measures can also yield effective results.

Why Opting Laminoplasty is necessary?

Laminoplasty is considered as an alternative to laminectomy which instead of removing the bone, the thinning of the lamina is done and on the other side a door is formed in the form of a hinge. The surgeon can also address the other levels that may be compressed. The beauty of this surgery is that the available space will be increased, but no way it ensures that the spinal canal will be open for the spinal cord.

Why to choose an Indian Hospital for your Laminoplasty?

Indian hospitals are considered to the trendsetters in taking medical tourism to greater levels. Not the big cities, event the remote towns of India have much to offer in terms of excellent health care facilities. Affordable Laminoplasty in India is offered in most of the hospitals, where one can done the surgery with their budget. It is not only the cost, but the sure shot results and the quality of the manpower which draws the medical tourists to this part of the world. They are aware of the fact that they are in safe hands when they choose India.

Laminoplasty Cost in India

The cost is on the lesser side when one compares it to the advanced countries of the world. Low cost Laminoplasty in India ensures that you can spend your valuable money on other areas of tourism.

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What is a Cervical Laminoplasty?

A cervical Laminoplasty is a surgical procedure performed on the cervical (neck) region of the spine to help relieve the painful pressure of spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is the gradual narrowing of the spinal canal, usually caused by arthritis, bone spurs, or the general wear and tear on the spine that occurs over time. A cervical Laminoplasty creates more space in the canal for the spinal cord and nerve roots, releasing the pressure and eliminating discomfort and numbness, while avoiding fusion and maintaining motion.

Who is a Candidate for a Cervical Laminoplasty?

Frequent pain and/or numbness in the neck or down the arms are often an indication of spinal stenosis. However, other factors can cause the spinal canal to narrow. Bony growths (spurs) can constrict the pathways through which the nerves must travel. In addition, some people are born with a narrow spinal canal that becomes symptomatic as they age. The narrowing of the spinal canal may eventually cause pressure on the nerves and nerve roots that emerge from the spinal column. This irritation can result in pain and numbness, particularly after sitting or standing for extended lengths of time. A cervical Laminoplasty may be recommended in order to make more room for the nerves or nerve roots.

What are the Alternatives to a Cervical Laminoplasty?

Surgery is usually the last option considered. If your symptoms are mild, you may not require any treatment at all. Other conservative treatments such as physical therapy, medications, and steroid injections may relieve symptoms for a time; however, they usually do not permanently change the underlying cause of the problem—the narrowing of the spinal canal. In some cases, a cervical Laminoplasty may be the best solution to remove irritation and create more space for the nerves.

How are Back & Neck Problems Evaluated?

Your doctor will use a number of approaches to evaluate and diagnose neck problems such as a herniated disc. These include:


A Detailed History – Your role in providing a detailed history is very important. Your doctor will need to know where and when it hurts, if there was a recent injury or fall, and a description of the pain. Are there positions or activities that make it feel worse? What makes it feel better? All of these details can help your doctor pinpoint the problem.


A Physical Exam – Once your history is given, a thorough exam by a spine expert is another important step in getting a good diagnosis.


Diagnostic Imaging – X rays can show the structure and alignment of the vertebrae, as well as the presence and size of bone spurs or other bony abnormalities.


CT or “computerized tomography” – This is a special kind of X ray machine. Rather than a single X ray, a CT scanner sends out a number of beams at different angles. These images are then read by a computer, producing detailed cross-sections or “slices” that can show the shape and size of the spinal canal and the surrounding structures.


MRI or “magnetic resonance imaging” – MRI is probably the most utilized study for disc evaluation. MRI uses a powerful magnet and radio waves. The images produced are very helpful in visualizing the soft tissues such as the spinal cord, as well as the discs and nerve roots.


Bone Scans – These are useful in revealing certain abnormalities such as infections, fractures, tumors and arthritis. Because bone scans are unable to differentiate between these problems, they are usually performed in conjunction with other diagnostic tests.

How Long is the Hospital Stay?

The time spent in the hospital after a cervical Laminoplasty depends on several factors, including your overall health and the extent of your particular surgery. Some people may be able to return home the next day while others may spend two to three days in the hospital.

How Long Will it Take to Recover?

The recovery time after a cervical Laminoplasty varies depending on your particular situation, the number of levels involved, and your general health. The key to a successful recovery is maintaining a positive attitude. You will be able to take short walks while in the hospital, and you should gradually increase the distance and frequency of your walks once at home. You may be asked to wear a neck brace after initial surgery. Physical therapy may be needed after cervical Laminoplasty. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on activity levels, including when you can resume driving and return to work.

Can I choose my own hotels according to my budget?

You can most definitely choose hotels as per your convenience to you and your budget.

Can I speak with the doctor before I come to India for treatment?

You can talk to the doctor and satisfy all your medical queries. You can also send us your queries for answers from the top doctors.

What modes of payment are accepted for getting treatment in India?

We accept different methods of payment like, cash, plastic cash, via net banking, etc.

How will I get an Indian Medical Visa?

To know about the procedure of getting an Indian Medical Visa, please go to our website where you will find all the details regarding the initial procedure. You can also send us a query regarding the same.

I can only speak my native language?

Many hospitals in India have language translators to help you communicate better and effortlessly with the doctors and medical staff.

Why should a patient choose Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India?

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India offers highest quality bone and joint health care with attentiveness, care and compassion to meet the needs of the patients and their loved ones. The medical team includes board-certified orthopedic surgeons who are familiar with all the aspects of the musculoskeletal system. Our hospital uses the most advanced technologies available for the orthopaedic procedures and has a lower complication rate.