Alleviate Pain And Add Quality To Life With Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery

By | March 9, 2019


The chronic pain in shoulder, inability in raising arm, difficulty in lifting goods and carrying objects or swelling on or around shoulder are indicative of some deformity in joint or muscles around shoulder.

If you are not sure of the cause of your shoulder pain that persists beyond few days, a check up by orthopedic surgeon is a better idea. Based upon his findings, your doctor can initiate medication or recommend shoulder surgery. 

Man having shoulder pain problem with red spot

Shoulder surgery may be recommended for treatment of shoulder problems like: 

•Impingement and partial or full-thickness tear of the rotator cuff 

•Bone spur or inflammation around the rotator cuff  

•Torn or damaged cartilage ring or ligaments

•Torn or damaged biceps tendon

Instability of the shoulder 

•Fractured collarbone 

•Fractured head of the humerus 

•Arthritis of the shoulder

Most shoulder surgeries are performed when patients do not respond to nonsurgical treatment that includes rest, physical therapy and medications or injections that can reduce inflammation, pain and restore shoulder joint mobility.


Shoulder Surgery Procedure

Shoulder surgery i.e. shoulder arthroscopy is a procedure that orthopedic surgeons use to inspect, diagnose and repair problems inside a joint. The orthopedic surgeon inserts a small camera, called an arthroscope, into your shoulder joint. During shoulder surgery with arthroscope, surgeon injects fluid into the shoulder to inflate the joint and view all the structures of your shoulder through the arthroscope. 

The injected fluid flows through the arthroscope to keep the view clear and control any bleeding. The camera of the arthroscope displays pictures on a television screen. On the basis of these images your surgeon guides miniature surgical instruments. Unlike open surgery where long and deep incision is required, arthroscope and surgical instruments being thin require only a very small incision. 

Thereby, shoulder arthroscopy causes less pain and shortens the recovery time and allows patients to return to routine activities.

shoulder arthroscopy surgery

Risk And Complications

Although shoulder surgical procedures are performed safely and effectively but they may still involve few risks. While complications are uncommon yet patients may have infection, tissue scarring (fibrosis) and sepsis. 

With proper pre and post-surgical care and rehabilitation risk of development of complications can be reduced. The risk and complications are very less with shoulder arthroscopy procedure while with old traditional open shoulder surgery; patients are open to the risk of:


•Nerve injury frozen shoulder 

•Chondrolysis ( damage to the cartilage of joint surface)

•Head/Neck injury 


•Implant fracture

should surgery

Advantages: Medical Tourism On The Rise In India

Rising medical tourism speaks volumes of not only efficient clinicians, medical care but of use of world class infrastructure and surgical technology as well. Low cost, even in the best hospital for shoulder surgery in India, adequate staying arrangements and economical medication are the major contributing factors that provide impetus to the medical tourism in India. 

Treatment Options

The two important surgical options for shoulder troubles are: 

Shoulder Arthroscopy – By inserting a pencil-thin device with a small lens and lighting system into tiny incisions to look inside the joint.   

Open shoulder surgery – By using a scalpel and sutures.


Shoulder Surgery Cost Benefits In India

Though cost of shoulder surgery varies as per city and type of hospital (Government / Trust / Private) yet as compared to other countries, shoulder arthroscopic surgery cost in India is extremely low.  Besides benefit of cost, you get world class hospitals with most qualified and experienced doctors and caring Para-medical staff.

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