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Denise from newzealand travelled to india for the surgery of both her knees

Get benefits of the diverse expertise of the orthopedic surgeons at the hospitals in India. Denise from Newzealand travelled to India for the surgery of both her knees


Mrs Denise Reed
knee Replacement Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons in India have the breadth and depth of experience in performing surgeries of joints. Since, they are visited by patients from all over the world, they have seen the whole range of ailments of joints. Further, due to their advanced education and constant push for innovation in surgeries, they have very deep knowledge of the joint surgeries. This has also helped these surgeons keep the costs of the surgeries low for their global patients.


Denise Reed from Auckland, New Zealand was able to use the expertise of a well known orthopedic surgeon in India. She needed knee replacement surgery. She thanked the

“My name is Denise Reed. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I have a family of 2 children and 5 grandchildren.


I needed knee replacement surgery. In New Zealand, I was told that I would have to wait for nearly 6 months for an appointment at the hospital. Then I would be waiting for 6 months to 1 year for actual treatment. This would be for one knee alone. The other knee…………absolutely nothing can be done until they have finished their work on the first knee.

As I keep busy doing missionary work, I need to be fit to walk as rapidly as possible. My knee problem presented a challenge. My friends had been asking me if I would wait till both my knees had become a problem before fixing them.

A private doctor in New Zealand could do the surgery for one knee. But the cost was too high. As I was travelling in Asia for missionary work, I looked at Bangkok, Thailand. But the cost was about the same as in New Zealand. This was shocking to me.


So, I started looking at India by using the internet. I contacted the They helped me identify the right orthopedic surgeon for my knee surgery. Then they helped me with the logistics. I asked my friend to accompany me to India.

Upon our arrival to India, we were pleasantly surprised. First the accommodation was really good. The room was quite spacious and had a kitchenette. As per our wishes the had arranged for a private room for us. We had a lot of privacy compared to the rest of the ward and the patients. The bathroom was attached to the room. Anticipating our needs, the had organized an air-conditioned room for us; the heat in India is quite different and very high compared to that in New Zealand. So, we were grateful for the care shown by the in organizing our accommodation.


The surgeon was excellent. I come from a small country and in my country, the surgeons are not as good because they have not seen as many joint disorders as the surgeons in India have. Indian surgeons are exposed to a lot of joint disorders from patients from all over the world. So, their knowledge is good. I needed to ensure rapid recovery and get back to work. So, it was decided to do the surgery on both the knees. I liked the hospital staff; they made sure we were properly taken care of. I recommended the orthopedic surgeon to a friend that I know in the US.


There are a lot of options for food in India. You only need to ask for all the menus from the various hotels. The meal you can get can satisfy any western palate.


I remained confined within the hospital for most of the time after the surgery for my recuperation. I only wish that I had planned more time to be able to travel in India. But I am always travelling to different countries for various missionary activities; so I will be able to visit the many tourist destinations in India sooner than later.


The was extremely helpful. They answered all my questions; but when I arrived in India, I had a lot more. So, I would recommend anyone visiting India for their medical treatment to make sure that they get all the information they need. I would recommend the to anyone needing medical treatments or surgeries in India.”


Thank you,

Denise Reed

New Zealand


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