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By | February 17, 2018


Bone and joint problems aren’t just painful. They can keep you from leading a full, active life. Orthopedic surgery involves a wide spectrum of interventional treatments that address musculoskeletal injuries and ailments. With the number of different disorders and diseases that can affect bones, ligaments, tendons and muscle tissue, the surgeries involved in the treatment of these conditions vary greatly. The goal is to address the underlying problem, relieve your symptoms, and help you get back to normal activities as quickly as possible. 

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj The Best Spine And Orthopedic Surgeon Mumbai

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj best spine and orthopedic surgeon Mumbai brings exemplary standards for patient safety, quality and excellence to a facility that is focused solely on orthopedic and spine care. He is dedicated to the highest quality service, easy access and optimum outcomes for patients across India undergoing orthopedic and spine surgery. Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj orthopedic surgeon Breach Candy Hospital is dedicated to helping patients undergo inpatient procedures that restore or improve functionality and allow them to return to an active lifestyle. With Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj , patients have access to the very latest surgical technology, including minimally invasive, arthroscopic and endoscopic procedures, as well as computer-assisted guidance for joint surgery and spine surgery. He offers a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient orthopedic and spine care services in India. 

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj Leading Orthopedic And Orthopedic-Spine Specialists In India

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai specializes in the surgical care of complex spinal disorders and orthopaedic trauma. He is committed to delivering exceptional surgical services to ensure excellence in patient care and clinical outcomes. Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj best spine and orthopedic surgeon Mumbai strive to exceed his patients’ expectations by providing focused, quality patient care. Compassion and integrity are the core values of Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj orthopedic and spine surgeon in Breach Candy Hospital and emulated through the care he provide. His vision is to deliver the highest quality standard of orthopedics surgical services, to provide a safe, welcoming environment to his patients and operate in the most effective way. Delivery of high quality medical care is our number one priority of Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj.

Comprehensive Orthopedics And Spine Care In India By Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj best orthopedic surgeon in India is an internationally recognized expert in the field of orthopedics conditions who has developed several new surgical techniques and implants for the treatment of orthopedics and spinal problems. Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj best spine and orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai is one of few orthopedic surgeon capable of performing surgeries on children as well as adults and prides himself as one of the first surgeons in the nation to perform the knee replacement and to use robotic assistance in spine surgery. Fundamental goal Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj orthopedist & spine surgeon at Breach Candy Hospital & Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai is to improve patient experience.  He provides the comprehensive, conservative care proven effective in achieving spinal and orthopedics wellness for patients.

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