International Patients Feel Confident About The Commendable Success Rate Of Total Knee Replacement Surgery In India

By | August 8, 2018

Not every patient suffering from Knee diseases is a candidate for Knee Replacement. During the initial phase of treatment, the non-surgical methods of treatment are tried and only when these methods prove futile, a Total Knee Replacement surgery is chosen. The chief aim a of this extremely effective procedure is to help the patients in getting rid of the extreme knee pain, swelling and inflammations. This is because these issues can restrict the patients’ mobility, to a huge extent.

A Total Knee Replacement surgery is usually suggested, when the damage caused to the knee is very serious and the repair is not possible with the help of non-surgical treatment methods such as medications, physiotherapy, pain relief injections and others. Some of the Knee disorders for which this surgery is recommended are:
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Haemophilia
• Gout
• Osteoarthritis
• Damage to the knee due to an injury
• Serious injuries while indulging in a sports activity
• Infection in the Knee joint
• Bone Dysplasias, which leads to unusual bone growth
• Knee Deformities
• Bone death caused in the Knee joint due to hindered blood supply

knee replacement surgery

The medical tourists, when choosing another country for a specific treatment, definitely compare the costs involved. In this matter, India is much ahead and more popular than other developed countries like UK, USA, etc. This is because, the cost savings that is possible in India is hardly possible in any other nation. The huge price differences in the treatment packages are a very welcome surprise for these medical tourists coming from different corners of the world. No matter what kind of or how progressive the treatment is, Indian hospitals have a cost-effective solution for it. Similarly, the Total Knee Replacement cost in India is as low as $7,200, while for the same procedure, these patients have to shell out $35,000 in USA and $14,000 in Thailand. Thus, India is giving a very tough fight to the other countries, which are trying to carve a niche in the medical tourism industry.

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Success Rate
The success rates for Knee Replacement have undeniably gone up over the years with numerous and extremely advanced surgical approaches, which have been introduced. Further, the proficient usage of progressive kind of surgical tools is also taking the number of surgical success higher. These kinds of equipment have not only bettered the surgical capabilities of the surgeons but also have taken the accuracy level higher. No wonder, more and more patients are choosing this surgery very confidently.

Best Hospitals
The Indian hospitals are armed with the most innovative and cutting-edge treatment possibilities, that too within the budget and without the quality getting compromised at any time of the treatment. Likewise, for Total Knee Replacement surgery too, there are numerous hospitals with highly developed Orthopaedic departments with most modern surgical approaches practiced regularly. Further, the success rate of Total Knee Replacement surgery in India is one of the highest and extremely laudable.
Some of these hospitals are:
• Apollo Indraprastha, Delhi
• Fortis Hospital, Bangalore
• Fortis Mulund, Mumbai
• Apollo Health City, Hyderabad
• Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai
• Medanta – the Medicity, Gurgaon
• Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon
• Max Hospital, Delhi

Best Surgeons
The Indian surgeons are not only recognized by the Indian patients but highly appreciated and preferred by international patients too. These Knee Replacement specialists have taken the success rate of Total Knee Replacement surgery in India to an altogether different level.

Dr.Jayant Arora: He is a highly reputed specialist in Orthopaedics associated with the much-acclaimed Columbia Asia Hospital in Palam Vihar, as the Chief Surgeon and Head of the Department of Orthopaedics. He also is the Director of the Gurgaon Knee and Shoulder Clinic, which is his private practice facility. Specializing in Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement, he has experience of working with some of the most recognized hospitals not only in India but in UK and Scotland as well.

Dr.Harshvardhan Hegde: With over 35 years of practice, he is highly trained and experienced to handle every kind of complex trauma situations, Spinal surgeries and Arthroplasty. He has done more than 2,500 Knee and Hip Replacement surgeries and is undeniably one of the most practiced surgeons to look up to. Associated with the highly esteemed, Rockland Fortis Hospital, his aim is to provide exceptional treatment services to his patients coupled with totally positive surgical outcomes.

There is no doubt that India as a medical tourism destination has very able placed herself in a highly sought-after stature; more specifically for the patients looking for Total Knee Replacement Surgery are very contented with the facilities. Further, the Total Knee Replacement cost in India is something that is totally unique here. We, at Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India is ensuring that all these patient-friendly attributes present in India are easily accessible to the medical tourists.

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