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Metro Multispeciality Hospital Faridabad Delhi

With a vision to offer the utmost level of healthcare to the common man at the most affordable cost, a group of NRI physicians led by Dr. Purshotam Lal, a Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Dr. B.C. Roy National awardee and a pioneer of Interventional Cardiology in India, founded Metro Hospitals & Heart Institute. The first hospital was set up in Noida in June 1997, by the name of Metro Hospitals & Heart Institute.

Immediately after foraying into the heart care segment, Multispeciality wing was started in September 1998, followed by Metro Center for Respiratory Diseases, Metro Centre for Liver & Digestive Diseases, Metro Heart Institutes at Meerut, Faridabad, Patel Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Preet Vihar in Delhi and Metro Hospital & Research Centre at Vadodara.

Metro Group of Hospitals and heart institute is a pioneer in the technological revolution in the healthcare sector by rendering high quality services to thousands of patients from across the world to get them cured in the under the world class facilities.

Since 1997, we have helped to improve the lives of thousands of people who prefer us for quality healthcare services. Also, we have developed the concept of 'Metro Coronary Screening' wherein an angiography can be performed with the use of minimal dye from the arc thereby reduces the cost of the procedure. This procedure takes only five minutes and the individual can return back to home/work in less than an hour's time.

Keeping the technological advancements aside, we continue to be a leader in the healthcare for the personal approach we take for each of our patients. Our professional team gives exceptional services by employing the highest standards of patient care. Many hospitals across India, refers their most difficult cases to our hospital. This is a true testimony to the skill and knowledge of Dr. P Lal and his professional team.

Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to attain excellence in Healthcare services by providing unique expertise and proficiency, state-of-the-art technology & patient care. We are committed to offer world class healthcare at an affordable cost, irrespective of the education, caste, background, creed or social status of the patient.


Our immediate program is to set up more such dedicated centers to provide wholesome treatments for the patients from India and abroad. We are truly committed to continually serve the humanity at every needful hour with the best professionals of the world and our state-of-the-art facilities. We are motivated by the immense faith that our patients have with us and we will stand by our policies and principles thereby we will pursue the same with total dedication in future as well.


5 Pillars of Excellence

  • Affordability
  • Patient Care
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Commitment

Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement & Spine Surgery

Metro Centre for Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement, backed by highly trained Orthopedic Surgeons and advanced technology, thereby offers the best treatment for all kinds of musculo-skeletal problems that ranges from arthritis to sports injuries, bone tumors, complex fractures and childhood conditions like Congenital Talipes Equino Varus (Club Foot). Our department specializes in the latest techniques and treatments such as spine surgery, cartilage and bone transplantation, minimally invasive surgery and limb sparing surgery.

The Centre takes care of all kinds of trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, all major and minor trauma and other orthopaedic emergencies.

Metro Hospital Delhi is prominent for joint replacement surgeries in shoulder, knee and hip for a variety of conditions involving the rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fractures and other diseases.


Metro Centre for Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement is backed by high-end technology and diagnostics that is truly world-class in nature:

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray services using the latest technology and advanced machines for reliable results.


State-of-the- art 1.5 Tesla MRI technology for more accurate outcomes.

Bone Densitometry

The gold standard-DEXA Bone Densitometers combined with the proven clinical value of bone mineral density (BMD) measurement and vertebral fracture assessment are powered to enable superior image quality and unparalleled accuracy by estimating the bone mineral content in different parts of the body using X-rays, CT Advance, CT portfolio including 128 slice and 750 HD freedom editions that provide reduced radiation doses and a high speed spectral imaging.


Operation Theatres

Two fully equipped ultra modern theatres with Hepa Filters, Laminar Air Flow System and Operating Microscopes.

Post Surgical ICU

Fully equipped to deal quickly with a post operative recovery & emergencies.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

We have an ultra-modern rehabilitation facility along with a team of specialised physiotherapists who offer exceptional care in post-operative patient recovery management to deliver superior clinical results.


Joint Reconstruction and Surgery

The Joint Replacement unit offers a computer-assisted Replacement navigation system based minimally invasive surgeries. The surgical services include Total Knee Replacement (TKR), Total Elbow Replacement, Total Hip Replacement (THR) - primary and revision, Total Shoulder Replacement, Hand joint (small) replacement surgery, Revision Hip & Knee Replacement, Ankle joint replacement, Uni-condlar Knee replacement surgery.

Our personalized patient-specific knee implants are designed to accommodate all stages of osteoarthritis of the knee. Coupled with a complete set of personalized instrumentation, our knee replacement options are built upon established principles in orthopaedics for addressing the compromises that are common with traditional "off-the-shelf" implant designs which led to patient dissatisfaction.

General Orthopedics

Minimally invasive procedures for diagnosing and treating injuries and conditions affecting the ligaments, bones, muscles, tendons and joints includes everything from evaluating the strains, splinting the broken bones, performing complex reconstructive surgeries post an accident.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Joint Reconstruction, Reconstructive (Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligament) for knee and shoulder (rotator cuff, stiff shoulder, etc.)

Complex Trauma and Fracture

Fractures involving all bones of the pelvis, spine, limbs, acetabulum and dislocations of all joints are managed by using specialized equipments and highly skilled techniques.

Paediatric Orthopedics

Treatment for various paediatric conditions like Congenital Limb and Spinal Deformities, Paediatric Fracture & Trauma, Juvenile Arthritis, Congenital Dysplasia of Hip (birth related hip problems), Bone and Joint Infections, Club foot (Twisting foot), etc. requiring prolonged treatments and may require re-do surgeries.

Spine Care

Disc surgery, Fixation systems for fractures, Microsurgery for disc, Surgery for Spinal Tuberculosis, Surgery for correction of spinal deformities and Endoscopic spine surgery.

Sports Medicine

Treatment of sports related injuries and syndromes that include strains, sprains, cartilage tears, ligament, various forms of tendonitis, bursal inflammations, etc.