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Manipal Hospital Bangalore India

Manipal Hospitals Orthopaedics Center has a special significance in the overall healthcare industry of India and particularly in South India. A social seed sown more than five decades ago, is today the country’s third largest healthcare group with a network of 15 hospitals offering the comprehensive care which is both curative and preventive in nature for a wide variety of patients not just from India but also from across the world.

The group’s flagship hospital in Bangalore is one of the most preferred and recognized healthcare facilities by pharmaceutical companies for drug trials. Our hospital is NABH accredited and ranked amongst the Top 10 multispecialty hospitals in India.

The philosophy of Manipal Hospitals is its belief in the principles of its triad of core values - " Patient Centricity, Clinical Excellence and Ethical Practices" that have escorted it to become one of the best and most trusted healthcare providers in India.

Our Clinical Excellence roots for our excellent team of doctors/medical specialists who are well versed with the latest advancements in their respective field of medical expertise Additionally, it is complemented by our teams of highly trained nurses and paramedical people.

The patient centricity is a key principle that we follow that has won the goodwill and trust of our patients over the years.

A complete ‘patient first’ approach at all times in the outpatients department—working at late hours of the day and even on holidays—are but a few examples amongst the patient friendly practices that has made our hospitals one of the most preferred ones across India. Also, it has resulted in the development of a strong bond based on trust and faith with our patients.

Besides these, our unflinching and unwavering belief in the Ethical Practices along with our social initiatives through the Manipal Foundation and other associated NGOs has enabled us to provide quality and affordable healthcare to the less privileged sections of our society.

At Manipal Hospitals, we are at the leading edge of technological advancements in the medical world. Along with state-of-the-art infrastructure and medical facilities, the finest minds in India and a genuine desire for offering the best healthcare drives us to deliver the path-breaking care for our patients on a daily basis. From the smallest to the most complex medical problems, we pride ourselves in the way we deliver healthcare services.

With its flagship quaternary care facility located at the heart of Bangalore city, five tertiary care, nine secondary care across five states, today the Manipal Hospitals successfully operates and manages around 4,900 beds and caters to approximately two million customers from Indian and overseas each year.

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Manipal hospital has been established in 1991 and has all specialities under one roof that offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for the poly trauma patients. Intensive Care Units and the Department of Emergency Services are well equipped for providing care to the poly trauma patients.

Manipal Hospital's Joint Replacement Center performs hundreds of joint replacements every year and also earns high praise from the patients and their families. We provide a comprehensive program with personalized care, superior satisfaction and excellent outcomes.

Working in association with the national joint care experts and area orthopaedic specialists, Manipal Hospital is prominently known for the Joint replacement surgeries across India and overseas. The joint replacement surgery centre has world-class infrastructure and facilities.

The foot itself contains 26 bones while the ankle joint actually has three bones. A broken ankle may include one or more bones, as well as injuring the surrounding connecting tissues like the capsules and ligaments.

Our Exclusive Joint Replacement Operation Theater has:

  • State of the Art Ortho Navigation System

  • Custom built Vertical Laminar Airflow (Air Handling Unit) with Imported HEPA filers with 150 feet/min. air velocity

  • State of the Art C-arm with 9 inch (IITV), Rotating Anode Tube

  • Internal Positive Pressure within Operation Theatre

  • Arthroscopes

  • Advanced Orthopedic Table with all accessories

  • Imported surgical instruments Conforming to International Standards

Joint Care

If you have chronic joint pain, the simplest tasks in life can become major challenges. While medications and targeted exercise may offer temporary comfort, joint replacement is often the best choice for lasting pain relief and be able to return back to an active, independent lifestyle. We provide a wide range of options to relieve the joint pain and restore mobility, including: our panel of consultants that comprise of highly qualified General Physicians. Their clinical skills are supported by excellent investigatory and laboratory facilities. A brief of the various services offered by this unit include-

  • Total Knee Replacement

  • Custom fit Knee Replacement

  • Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

  • Minimally invasive Knee replacement

  • Shoulder Replacements

  • Hip Resurfacing

  • Total Hip Replacement

  • Partial Knee Replacement

  • Wrist Replacements

  • Elbow Replacements