Know The Facts About Top Hip Surgeon in India at Apollo Hospital Chennai

By | August 6, 2016

Dr. Vijay C Bose is a top hip surgeon at Apollo Hospital Chennai. He is presently the Joint Director in Department of Orthopaedics. He has pursued MCh in Orthopaedics from Liverpool and has won various awards such as Young Achiever, Best Doctor, and Lt. Col. Thayumunusarry Gold Medal. Dr. Bose has worked on various research topics such as a disc surgery, reconstructive surgery and Top Hip Surgeon in India has also published various papers in the National and International journals.

His special interest is in performing the hip reconstruction in the young patient. The cost effective and affordable hip reconstruction surgery in India attracts many patients from all over the world. Dr. Bose has been involved with the hip resurfacing surgery for over 15 years and has now performed about 2000 hip resurfacing surgeries. He has set up the ARCH in Chennai which is the highest volume of hip resurfacing surgery performed in Asia.

dr-vijay-c-boseThis Top Hip Surgeon in India has a vast experience of the hip reconstruction surgery in avascular necrosis, Ankylosing spondylitis and Coxa Vara. He has developed many innovations for the hip resurfacing surgery approach and also travels within India and overseas delivering lectures and training for other surgeons in the complex hip surgery. He has interest in the large size ceramic bearing in hips and also formulated the guidelines for suitability of the hip resurfacing in AVN. He performs a large volume of delta motion ceramic for the ceramic hips. He is a huge tennis enthusiast and has been married with two children.

Dr. Bose has gained the practical experience in orthopaedics by working at different private institutions located at different locations in India. During his training in Birmingham, Dr. Bose completed the M.Med. Sci trauma course and also commenced his subspecialty training in the hip surgery. He has worked closely with the inventors of the Metal on Metal hip resurfacing prosthesis for young people with hip arthritis, Dr. Ronan Treacy and Dr. Dereck McMinn. Later on he underwent the advanced training at Liverpool with Dr. Peter Brownson and Prof. Simon for the shoulder surgery. He has successfully brought the new orthopedic innovation of the hip resurfacing surgery to South Asia in May 2000 for the first time. During his stay, he had secured FRCH in Ortho qualification from the Joint University Examination board of the UK.

Dr. Vijay C. Bose has brought the expertise in the nascent field of the arthroscopic shoulder surgery to the South India. Presently, he works as a chief surgeon of the Joint reconstruction unit, Apollo Speciality Hospital in Chennai. He is a part of the Asia Pacific hip resurfacing lead group and has delivered many guest lectures on hip and shoulder surgery. He travels frequently to the Asia pacific countries to help the local surgeons in the hip resurfacing surgeries and also performed the live surgical demo of the hip and shoulder surgery in India.

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The Top Hip Surgeon in India, Dr. Bose frequently conducts many hip and shoulder CME programmes at Chennai and has also conducted the first Asia pacific conference on the Birmingham Metal on metal hip resurfacing at the Apollo Specialty Hospital in March 2003. The hip surgeon in Chennai has also introduced the bone conserving shoulder resurfacing procedure for the first time in India at the Apollo Specialty Hospital in India.

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    I had severe pain in my left hip for 2 years for one reason I had a left total hip arthroplasty by Dr.Vijay C.Bose Hip Surgeon that was the best thing that ever happened to me. I personally recommend to anyone for hip problems just visit once for affordable cost surgery benefits from best hip surgeon in India. It was so amazing the very same day I was up walking with no pain. I just want to thank my Doctors for giving me my life back.


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